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General Maintenance Information

Why Should I Get My Vehicle Checked?

The procedures required to perform a traditional tune-up have changed dramatically as the pace of technology has quickened. Highly sophisticated ignition and fuel systems are now the norm, using one or more onboard computers to control critical engine and transmission management functions. You are not going to get to where you want to go if your vehicle is not being properly maintained. As part of the 21st Century tune-up on today’s modern vehicles, the following systems should be inspected: battery, charging and starting engine, mechanical powertrain control (including onboard diagnostic checks), fuel ignition, and emissions.

The Car Care Council also recommends that motorists take the time necessary to become familiar with their vehicle in order to help ensure good performance, fuel economy, and emissions. Study the owner’s manual to become thoroughly acquainted with the operation of all systems. Pay special attention to the indicator lights and instruments.
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To speed up your automotive care process, our general maintenance form is available online to be dropped off along with your vehicle. Do not settle for waiting around and filling out paperwork at our garage when you have other places you can be. By filling out our quick and easy form, we will be able to diagnose your vehicle’s issue more quickly and effectively than other auto repair businesses. Call us or contact us online for any other questions about what you need to do when bringing your vehicle in. We are proud to serve you and our countless other western PA customers over the past 45 years.