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Sandblasting Services in Westmoreland County

Rocky Mountain Garage & Auto Body - Specializing in Sandblasting

One of our auto body shop’s specialties is sandblasting vehicles. Regardless of the size of your vehicle, our sandblasting service is essential to any painting, restoration, or refurbishing that we do. For over 45 years, our experienced staff has been getting drivers back on the road in style. We are proud to have served the great people of the New Stanton area, as well as the rest of western PA. Bring your vehicle into Rocky Mountain Garage & Auto Body today to get started. Our sandblasting professionals will have your old car looking better than ever with a fresh coat of paint, or restoration and refurbishing services. For more information on how our sandblasting service can help your vehicle, call us at (724) 834-5103, or contact us online.

We Offer Sandblasting for a Wide Variety of Services

Our sandblasting services are a staple of what we do here at Rocky Mountain Garage & Auto Body. Whether you have an old vehicle that needs to be restored, another vehicle that needs refurbishing, or simply need a new paint job when your current paint is beginning to chip, our experienced sandblasting staff will handle your situation with precision and care. If you want to make your vehicle look more aesthetically appealing, give our experienced professionals a call and we will take you through the process step-by-step. Our sandblasting services are available for multiple auto services, including:

Contact Us for Sandblasting Services in Western PA

Rocky Mountain Garage & Auto Body in New Stanton, PA has been serving Westmoreland County and beyond since 1974, and executes flawless sandblasting for Western PA vehicles. We have restored and refurbished countless vehicles of many sizes over the past four and a half decades, and we take pride in watching our customers drive off with smiles on their faces. Whether you need industrial or commercial sandblasting, we work diligently to complete the job efficiently and at a great price. Call our staff today to get started!