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Heavy Machinery Sandblasting & Military-SPEC Adherence

Rocky Mountain Garage & Auto Body - Heavy Machinery Sandblasting

If you own a business that operates heavy machinery, you may want to consider giving Rocky Mountain Garage & Auto Body a call today. The experienced staff at our auto body shop has decades of experience in sandblasting heavy machinery and making them look as good as new. While most auto body shops will not sandblast heavy duty machinery, we take pride in it. We look forward to making western PA businesses more aesthetically pleasing, and rejuvenating older machinery for our customers’ benefit. If you like what you hear and have heavy machinery that is in need of sandblasting, call our staff today to get started. We can be reached at (724) 834-5103, or you can contact us online.

Safety is Our Top Priority - We Follow U.S. Military-SPEC

At Rocky Mountain Garage & Auto Body, we are committed to the highest standards of safety for every single vehicle we work on. That is why we follow the U.S. Military-SPEC to ensure that any vehicle we give back to you is going to keep you and your loved ones safe from unnecessary harm. If you have any questions about our safety procedures for your vehicles, whether general, commercial, industrial, or heavy machinery, please contact our office or visit in person in New Stanton, PA. Our customers are the most integral part of our auto body shop, and we are proud and dedicated to providing safe conditions for you and those whom you hold dearest.

Contact Us in Westmoreland County Today

For any of your auto body needs, especially sandblasting heavy machinery, there is only one obvious choice for your business. Rocky Mountain Garage & Auto Body has been serving businesses in Westmoreland County and the surrounding western PA area since 1974, and can end up being one of the greatest assets to your business. We are dedicated to the safety practices our customers deserve, and strictly follow the U.S. Military-SPEC for our customers’ benefit. If you have any questions about our work and procedures, or would like to get started with sandblasting heavy machinery, call us today!