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Diagnostic Testing Troubleshooting - Western PA

Looking After Your Vehicle Since 1974

Sometimes it is difficult to know when your car simply needs a break and when it needs to be brought to a mechanic. The worst thing you can do for your vehicle is to let it go and wait for the worst to happen. You can save yourself a lot of trouble and money by being proactive when you notice that something is amiss and getting it diagnosed early. Our technicians are here to assist you in diagnosing potential vehicle malfunctions. Our testing facility utilizes the most up-to-date technology to make sure your vehicle is safe and road-ready. Stop by Rocky Mountain Garage & Auto Body in New Stanton, PA, or call us for more information on our diagnostic and troubleshooting services: (724) 834-5103.

Signs that Your Vehicle Needs a Mechanic

There are some visible and invisible signs than your vehicle may need to see a mechanic. While they may be able to function for awhile without major issue, putting off automotive care and diagnostic testing for too long can end up having long-term repercussions for your vehicle. While vehicular issues may not always be apparent, more often than not, there are some warning signs. Ask yourself these questions to determine whether your vehicle may need diagnostic testing:

Does Anything Feel Out of the Ordinary?

Sometimes driving your car can start to feel different, which might be cause for concern. Some examples include:

• Front-end shimmying
• Steering wheel shakes
• Ununsual vibration


There are several common sounds that might warrant a visit to your mechanic:

• Clunking, clicking, or clacking
• Noises when turning
• Squeaking
• Leaking air sound


Be on the lookout for a number of common problems that you might see, which can include:

• Unusual lights
• Leaking
• Flickering

Does Anything Smell Odd?

There are several common smells that might indicate that your car needs a trip to the repair shop:

• Gasoline
• Motor oil
• Burning