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Automobile Restoration & Refurbishing in New Stanton, PA

Let Rocky Mountain Garage & Auto Body Restore Your Old Vehicle

If you live in the Westmoreland County area and have an older vehicle that you think may be useless, think again! The experienced auto professionals at Rocky Mountain Garage & Auto Body specialize in sandblasting and automobile restoration for older vehicles. We can sandblast your vehicle, slap a fresh coat of paint on it, and make the necessary auto repairs to get your vehicle back on the road, better than ever. Our restoration service has put countless vehicles back on western PA roads in our 45-plus years in business, and we would love to add your car or truck. If you are unsure about whether auto restoration and sandblasting is right for you, call our office today at (724) 834-5103, or contact us online for more information.

Ask About Automobile Refurbishing in Westmoreland County

Refurbishing is similar to restoration, but is less of a complete overhaul than its counterpart. It may not be apparent to some automobile owners which procedure might be needed, but luckily for you, one call to Westmoreland County’s premier auto body shop can answer that question for you. Our experienced staff will walk you through the procedures that can refurbish your vehicle quickly, professionally, and all at a great price, as well. Since our auto body shop was established in 1974, our staff has refurbished a multitude of vehicles in western PA, and we continue to grow every year. Give our staff a call today, or visit us in person in New Stanton to find out if refurbishing is right for your vehicle.

Contact Us Today for Auto Restoration and Refurbishing

Regardless of whether you are looking for auto restoration or refurbishing services, call the sandblasting professionals at Rocky Mountain Garage & Auto Body in New Stanton, PA. We will take your old vehicle and have it road-ready in no time. Whether your vehicle simply needs a fresh coat of paint, or a a complete overhaul, our staff knows what it takes to turn any car into your dream car. Give our experienced professionals a call today to find out how to get started.